Adult Mental Health Assistance

JC Family Service's Adult Assisted Living Homes provide the client with an environment that is safe and secure, and provide the following:

  • 24/7 supervision in each of our homes.
  • Basic Skills Training and/or Psychosocial Rehabilitative Services as per support requirement.
  • Prepared dinner each day, along with assistance in self prepared breakfast and lunch.
  • Assistance with performing house chores. Assistance with medication needs.
  • Assistance with managing money if needed. Assistance with scheduling clients appointments as well as transportation to appointments that require staff to attend.
  • Clients will either share a bedroom with one other client or have their own.

JC Family Services is a non-profit organization, which works with local agencies in northern Nevada,including NNAMHS and Mojave, to provide adult assisted living or outpatient support for clients in our area.

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